MYTHOLOGY - Borderline(s) Investigations #03

Quelle: Dieter Appelt - Der Augenturm, Monte Isola, Italy 1977

Project BA 1st Year/ Winter Semester 2023/24

«But what must be firmly established at the outset is that myth is a system of communication, that it is a message. This allows us to perceive that myth cannot
be an object, a concept or an idea; it is a mode of meaning, a form»

Roland Barthes, Mythologies, 1957

Starting from the analysis of a series of images around a chosen project, we constitute what we call a myth. Through the gathering and production of various architectural and non- architectural documents we will tell a specific story around this project. By putting all elements together we form an atlas and through this create a new narration, our own mythology.

This analysis is of course architectural, with production of various scales research models and drawings. But it is not only architectural: it is also the construction of the « mythology » of architectural lightness.


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14:00 CET

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