spätispäti is a human collective that experiments with alternative ways of learning and producing knowledge. It questions hierarchical and political structures and activates collective agencies within the field of spatial practices.


The spätispäti collective was founded in Berlin in 2019, during the Making Futures School in Haus der Statistik. The aim of the project was to critically reflect on the traditional "Späti" typologie, as a convenience store hosting many informal encounters. The so-called "spätispäti" took the form of a shared space, where people would be able to meet, exchange knowledge in informal ways, counter-program events and happenings, and spend time together, without having to consume anything. The spätispäti was developed on a trust-based and non profit-economy, where goods, knowledge and feelings were safely shared and exchanged.


Within the UdK spaetispaeti collective initiated the SeminarSeminar : a student-led Seminar, experimenting other formats and researching other topics. The focus of the SeminarSeminar is set on reflecting collectives as a creative structure and evolved in different landscapes such as different public spaces in Berlin, the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, the Floating University Berlin and many späti benches out there in the city.

In 2022 the SeminarSeminar is ongoing its 5th iteration and is an independent format self-organized by students of UdK Berlin.


Kontakt: hallohallo_ @spaetispaeti.eu

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spaetispaeti.eu/