In den Wolken - In the Clouds

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In den Wolken - In the Clouds

SeminarSeminar 6.0



SeminarSeminar is an experimental, student-run learning environment. Approaching the question of knowledge production and meaning making from interdisciplinarity and horizontality, we engage in alternative visions of how university can be collectively thought and embodied. We would like to invite you to join the explorations, to co-develop the framework with us.


Together we aim at creating a social environment; a working process grounded in listening, care and solidarity; a safe space to discern and to share authentically, tuned to increase our collective intelligence and emergent potentials; where we can learn about ourselves and mutually co-develop together.


With our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground, this semester we want to reflect on the role of a student seminar within the institutional context of university politics. Together we aim to find ways to anchor the SeminarSeminar within the structure of university and invent strategies by which we are able to create influence on the common goals of our studies and the ways in which we live and work together. By common goals we don’t intend to reproduce a reductionist and leveling out understanding of consent. With sensitivity to the plurality of our perspectives, viewpoints, needs and wishes we want to recognise each other in a continuously altering ecosystem of nebulisation and condensation.


To invent ways of working independently within the institutional framework, we imagine a playful semester in which we  experiment with our minds, tongues and limbs on how to (dis)organise ourselves and the vivid space around us.


The core of SemSem will be an intensive workshop weekend which we want to prepare together with you. We are inviting students who want to be part in a self organised SeminarSeminar.


On our first meeting (26.10. - afternoon) we want to give value to one another by sharing an idea, a move, an object or anything else of personal importance in ways of opening to the group we feel comfortable with.






Soft registration until 21st of October to seminar.seminar.website_ to receive more detailed information about SemSem and the location of our first meeting.



block seminar, preparation of a block seminar

First Meeting: 26.10

Wahlfach / BA Modul14 / MA Modul05 / 5 ECTS

Stadterneuerung / Modul03 / 3 ECTS

Authors: SeminarSeminar-Team