Boatwright / Performance

Quelle: Quelle: Douglas Boatwright

Boatwright / Performance


We will examine a wide range of performative practices while also examining how the parameters that have guided this genre — initially pointedly positioned as an outlier to the standard media and practices of fine arts — have shifted over time, considering its growing popularity and inclusion into the institutions of the art world. 

Via class readings, viewed performances, exercises and projects, we will think about the key components that might constitute performance — body/self, time, space, audience — and see how these overlap, intermix, have been abstracted, and are challenged within this medium and its fluctuating boundaries. 

Key terms we will think about: presence, provocation, enactment, real-time, and “realness” — while questioning how “performance” creeps into and spans many aspects of being, including gender, style, language, etc. 


The workshop will be held in English.