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The accredited German Master Programme „Cultural Journalism“ at University of Arts Berlin takes two years and begins in winter semester. It is a full-time study and ends with the international approved degree „Master of Arts“. The study programme emphasises the connection of scientifically theory and professional practice.

After Completion of the studies you are very well trained in the four media areas: Print, Radio, Television and Online. From the start you are networked within the University of Arts Berlin and integrated in cultural and media landscape of Berlin. The study programme consists of 13 modules, in which you take courses, seminars, lectures and workshops. The fourth semester is intended to work on the Master Thesis.

Every Year to Winter Semester (October)

4 Semesters including 3 Semesters of Courses and 1 Semester for Master Thesis

12.000 €, affordable monthly: 500 € per month

German Master Programme, you need a language qualification for applying:
B1. At the time of enrolment you need a language certificate for C1.

The webbased application for admission will be activated in may.




  • higher education degree or higher technical college qualification
  • verifiable experiences in journalistic professional practice round about one year
  • a special interest in art and culture, as well as society and politics

How to apply:

  1. peliminary examination of foreign final grade certificates at uni-assist needs between 4 and 6 weeks
  2. complete application for admission (to fill in online from June 1st)
  3. postal till 1st of July:
    - signed admission form
    - Curriculum Vitae with information about your previous studies, journalistic experiences and professional activities
    - verifiable journalistic experiences (certificates)
    - at least 2, but not more than 4 published or unpublished journalistic samples (text sample, audio recording, videos); at least one sample has to be a journalistic text
    - final grade certificate and confirmation of uni-assist (if Certificate is from a foreign University)


Language skills:

It is necessary for application, that you already have German language skills.
You need a language qualification of B1 at the application deadline and at the
time of enrolment a language certificate for C1.

Students of the University of Arts, that are already approved, can participate at German Courses of the University. Before application you can also visit courses from the Goethe Institutor other language schools.


Applicants who have done their first higher education in a foreign country need to let approve their final grade certificate at the central verifying authority "uni-assist" before the official application at University of Arts.

Please note, that uni-assist only is approving the certificates. Additional you need to send your complete application documents to the University of Arts by the 1st of July at the latest. Only then you participate at the approval procedure.

More information you can find here.

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