A Day On Earth

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"A Day On Earth" evolves over the 24-hour journey, combining thematic exploration, methodological inquiry, and event-driven structure within a modular workshop framework. Meeting biweekly from Friday to Saturday noon challenges the conventional academic seminar structure to inspire a collective performative sharing process (of sense-making) through long - durational experiments. This curriculum invites participants to reimagine our interaction with thoughts and bodies and explore trans-individual potential, emphasising the democratisation of art-making and living, addressing the nuances of challenges of contemporary life. Through deep ecological engagement with art and technology, fostering an environment where art becomes a shared, lived process.

Scheduled sessions

19-20 April, 3-4 May, 24-25 May, 7-8 June, 21-22 June, 5-6 July, 19-20 July


Room 19 at Medienhaus


Opening Block: An open-space gathering marked by a tea ceremony, communal dinner preparation, idea sharing, and spontaneous events.

Thematic Blocks: Focuses on four themes: Scapegoating AI, Technoschmanism, Cosmotechnics, and Expanded Magic Reality.

Event Blocks: Includes two public events at Wasserschloss Reelkirchen in Ostwestfalen-Lippe in June and a Rundgang at UDK on July 19-20.


The curriculum designates a journey that mirrors a day on Earth, cycling through day and night in each session. This rhythm embodies the perpetual motion between sunset and sunrise, transforming the TBAwCT classroom into a time machine. Here, time can stretch, allowing seconds to unfold into hours and days into years. As contemporary practitioners, we engage in a unique exploration of existence. In a space for collective imagination, incorporating collective thought experiments that weave together diverse cultural experiences, quantum reality, gender perspectives, and bio and neurodiversity. As we navigate this day with technologies, prob modes of sense-making can only occur within a context and through interaction on a site of commonality. It illuminates human interaction as an integral part of a complex information web in nature, other species, and AI. 

Daily Schedule

Lunch Ritual (Noon - 2 PM): Opening circle, shared cooking, eating, and a quick introduction to the day's program and idea exchange.

Afternoon (2 - 6 PM): Plenary sessions accompanied by tea/coffee drinking and mapping technologies.

Playground Ritual (6 - 7 PM): Making tools.

Evening Ritual (7 - 10 PM): Cooking dinner for and eating with invited guests, engaging in conversations, and alternatively introducing other artists and their works, followed by discussions.

Night (10 - 11 PM): Break.

Midnight Ritual (12 AM): Altering minds methods.

Late Night Reading (1 - 2 AM): Theory.

Sleep Time: Doing nothing.

Dawn Time Ritual: Dance.

Morning (Before 10 AM): The space between sleep and awakening.

Early Morning Reading (9 - 10 AM): Fiction.

Waking-Up Ritual (10 - 11 AM):

Breakfast (11 AM - Noon): The day begins or ends with a communal breakfast.