The Time-based Art with Contemporary Technology

Quelle: Foto: Selenay Kiray

Curricula Introduction

The Time-based Art with Contemporary Technology curricula incorporate three modules: Inspiration, Playground, and Contemporary Performance. The three modules build on each other and form a holistic, collaborative, process-oriented, transdisciplinary structure. 

The curricula envision creating a sustainable, innovative and experimental environment that inspires and empowers students to define, determine and shape their roles in and with the art in a digital transformation era, where we live and struggle with planetary crises, rapid technological advancement, and confronting unresolved issues like inequality and war. We emphasise the performative sharing process (of sense-making) in the art of utilising contemporary technologies. We experiment with artistic forms of storytelling that engage with different culturally shaped concepts from various worldviews, media history and socio-political perspectives. We will think alongside situated conversations, reading, writing, imagining, performing, cooking, and cultivating organic, digital, and artificial intelligence collaborations in a sympoetic coexistence that seeks to reflect on and influence political, social, ecological, and economic debates.

Individual supervision

Sessions are scheduled Mondays from 10 am to 7 pm, providing a space for personal inquiries, challenges, and development processes. It offers students pragmatic approaches for conceptualising and realising their projects and supports the development of realisation strategies. This involves in-depth discussions at the conceptual level and experimentation with evolving production and presentation processes.

Sessions can be booked online via Google Forms, with available time slots ranging from 1 to a maximum of 3 hours each time.


Guest Professor: Echo Ho – e.ho_

Tutor: Jiawen Wang – ji.wang_

Room 19 at Medienhaus