Dr. Stas Sharifullin

Quelle: Stas Sharifullin

Guest Faculty | Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (M.A.)

Contact through office_ @sounds.berlin

TEL +49 30 3185 - 2482

Lietzenburger Straße 45, 10789 Berlin

Stas Sharifullin, also known as HMOT, is a Bashkir, Siberian-born musician, curator, educator, researcher and artist working with sound and contexts of the sonic. Based in Moscow since 2018, he is currently a senior professor and the head of Sound Art & Sound Design Department at HSE Art & Design School.

As a curator, he was involved in programming various international experimental music and contemporary arts & culture festivals, including CTM Festival Siberia, Boiler Room Siberia, Urvakan Festival (Armenia) etc. Since 2013 he co-runs the Klammklang label (with Julia Sharifullina), releasing «some of the country’s most exciting and experimental electronic music» (The Guardian). 

As an artist and musician, Sharifullin is focused on researching how sound and music operate in the context of late capitalism and sonic agency. Using a wide range of experimental techniques, he works with musique concrete methods, visual programming languages, field recording equipment and many more. His works span across various genres and media including music compositions, installations, performances etc.