Heptahedral - Ausstellung der Klasse Raumkomposition

Quelle: Georgi Tomov Georgiev

Heptahedral - Ausstellung der Klasse Raumkomposition

"Heptahedral" is an exhibition of our class Raumkomposition led by Daisuke Ishida with the participating students Matthias Alraum-Spreng, Tobias Deschamps, Katharina Bévand, Ho-Ming Hsieh and Georgi Tomov Georgiev.




Lilienthalstraße 7, 10965 Berlin


Opening event:

Friday, July 15, 7 pm


Exhibition opening hours:

Saturday, July 16, 2 - 8:30 pm

Sunday, July 17, 2 - 7:30 pm


Finnisage concert:

Sunday, July 17, 8 pm

Works by Matthias Alraum-Spreng, Katharina Bévand, Alejandra Cardenas, Tobias Deschamps, Georgi Tomov Georgiev, Ho-Ming Hsieh


Exhibition statement:

The exhibition at the Crematorium Lilienthalstraße 7 showcases all artists’ works around the theme “The Peculiarities of Khôra”.

Khôra is an ancient Greek word coined by Plato as a term for space, receptacle or site. He proposed that Khôra is a space that holds no characteristics in itself, it cannot permanently contain anything but bodiless, ephemeral, time based media and simply reflects the character of the medium passing through.

It is interpretable as a darkened room unknown to a spectator, into which he/she is brought, deprived of sensory input. To sensibly and intelligibly explore this space from within, an observer can interpret the reflections of sounds, light and shadow to grasp the room, its size and architectural geometry.

The topic was approached individually by each project member. The developed strategies and methods  aim to deliberately articulate the room and emphasize its peculiarities in an individual artistic manner.

The exhibited works explore the cuboid space on several levels of perceptual reality.