15.1- 13.3.2021 | OTIUM

Quelle: SoundsAbout

From January 15 - March 15, 2021, SoundsAbout is delighted to join CTM and Transmediale’s Vorspiel program, carving out an OTIUM for artists from UdK’s Sound Studies and Sonic Arts community to build and share sounding works with the public via digital platforms.


Otium is an invitation to think of leisure not as the opposite of production, not as an activity of standardized consumption into which society falls when faced with free-suspended time, but as a matter of thinking-practice, a passage opened from the potential to act, and as an activity that cultivates the desire for becoming of the one who practises it, the desire to raise oneself above oneself.


Otium is a platform for artistic gestures and creative movements of self-shaping through self-discipline and self-practise, a platform for the will of self-production as self-other through techniques of becoming, for poetics to the precise extent that it is a poiesis. It is a space for self-shaping which makes sense as a social sculpture, in which the social is a memory that tends towards oblivion.


The full program will be streamed live via our Twitch channel: twitch.tv/udkberlin_sounds, after which an archive of previously presented works will be available on our website: about.sounds.berlin.

Jan 15, 18:30
Martin Moolhuijsen:
The Sound of a Pupil Shrinking
Online screening


Jan 22, 18:30
Taiga Trigo:
What would a decolonized Lisbon sound like?


Jan 25, 18:30
Aleks Filipiak:
Intro to Metal
Audio Mix


Feb 1-8
1-week gallery occupancy (Artist TBA)
Digital work in progress


Feb 12, 18:30
Mariana Carvalho and Mitchell Keaney:
Live-streamed performance


Feb 15, 18:30
David Rimsky-Korsakow:
kurōtadori - die sinfonie der amsel
Musical film


Feb 19, 18:30
Eagle Wu:
Live-streamed performance-installation


Feb 21, 18:30
Hyewon Suk:
Live-streamed performance


Feb 26, 18:30
Mariana Carvalho, Daria Redkina, Zacharias von Babemberg, Diana Fonseca:
Airopera – Breathing Dystopia
Live-streamed performance


March 5, 18:30
Voyage Voyage
Live-streamed performance


March 9, Time TBA
Kim Wichera:
What is the nature of psychiatric auditory experience?
Online panel discussion


March 12, 18:30
Chung Tat Sham, Hou Lam Wu:
Online Collective Decision Making Sound Experience


March 13, 18:30
Ani Samperi:
Short film