Federica Sosta

Ein präapokalyptischer Spaziergang

Mixmedia Performative-Installation


‘Ein präapokalyptischer Spaziergang’ is an invitation to turn our attention and listen to the moments before an apocalypse, to the instants just before the end of time. How long is the moment before the final crash? Will the end of time come unnoticed? What if we’re already walking along that ending? ‘Ein präapokalyptischer Spaziergang’ is a mixmedia performative-installation that uses sonic storytelling as a way to both reflect and escape the eschatologism of the end of the world. By bringing the focus back to the present moment as a special ‘space for possibilities’ where we are practicing, instead of resisting the end of time. The work addresses sonic strategies of survival and resilience in a world of rapid social change and crisis. ‘Ein präapokalyptischer Spaziergang’ is a sonic environment where a spatial exploration and temporal detour are invited by sonic navigation. The work, by acknowledging the interconnectedness of the socio, political, economical, and health crisis we’re living in, also wants to reflect on the role of crisis to challenge the status quo of our global society, informing new methodologies and technologies of repair, whilst generating new sonic kinships. ‘Ein präapokalyptischer Spaziergang’ presents works by Francis Sosta, as well as works realized in collaborations with invited artists.

On Saturday, July 17, 2021 from 4-6pm, Francis Sosta invites artists and performers to join the space in an ‘experimental durational performance’. The audience is invited to enter, stay and leave the room freely.