Jonathan Bruns

Translation Project Documentation

The translation project is an experimental composition with a focus on creation through interpretation. A pre-existing piece is re-interpreted into something new using a method of translation.


The project functions as a meeting point for music and photography. A  piece of music serves as a starting point to a journey of translation between art forms. The performer(s) are led through a process of translating the music to photography, and then back to music, resulting in the creation of photography and music along the way.


It is impossible to translate a complex matter from one language to another without changing its nature. This composition attempts to translate a piece of art from one artform to another, which is not possible without changing it significantly.


At the heart of the process of translation is interpretation. An individual is confronted with a subject matter, interprets the matter, and then reproduces their interpretation in a different domain. The use of the term “translation” thereby highlights the subjective nature, and therefore significantly emancipated role of the performer/translator as well as the mulit-faceted nature of music and art.