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Location: Zwitschermaschine, Potsdamer Str. 161, 10783 Berlin

I felt a sound that seemed to know me. It reached into my soul and moved with the rhythms of me.

It saw me and reflected back my truth, but kept safe my secrets, embedded in the waves and


How can we be in the world alive and present and manifest our potential whilst doing no harm to

other sentient beings and our environment that nurtures us? How can we at once be in the world

and also nurture our own needs. Within the context of our current world order of continual

upheaval and destruction, humans are experiencing waves of trauma, this trauma is in no small

part responsible for the way that humans continue to harm themselves, each other, and our

precious earth. Sound is a vital tool for accessing these complex emotional stores and allowing us

to unravel the trauma cycles that we are all stuck in.

A multi-part interwoven sound installation that invites individual attention or collective

accumulation. It explores ideas of therapeutic transformation through sound. Housed in a floating

water bed of sonic protection, the installation includes an emdr inspired sound light waves

meditation, protective blankets of ambient vocal textured washes and deep releasing vibrational

sub rumbles and pulses.

Together these works form a tapestry of sound that unites in a glorious whole, where the musical

manifestation is curated by those embodied listeners. This piece invites you to sit with vibration

and sound in shared spaces and have individual transformation as well as collective sonic


We speak not in words but sounds. We do not deal with the conscious but the subliminal. It is in

the sub-conscious where deep seeds of pain can be set free and latent potentials awoken.


About the Artist: 

Jane Arnison is a multi-hyphenate sound and musical artist who works across roles and genres;

from studio production, to installation sound design and beyond. Her grounding comes from

conservatoire training in new music composition, but she has always been drawn to the edges or

the gaps and finds herself most at home in the world of possibilities and the openness found in

sound art. Above all she is a sound seeker, drawn to the concrete manifestations that the

abstraction of sound can offer when dealing with life’s complexities. Sound is for her a place of

refuge, a place of processing and coming to terms with this thing called life. Sound is where we

can grapple with what we don’t yet fully understand and sound is where true manifestation always

begins. Through her work she sonifys existential questions and personal quests. She is interested

in the way that sound grounds us in the present whilst simultaneously taking us on

interdimensional travel.

In the beginning, the word was. . . sound.vibration

life is sound.

sound is life.


Website: www.janearnison.com