24-26 June 2022 | Klanglandschaften

Quelle: Klanglandschaften

We are proud to present the works of our students Haesoo Eshu Jung, Heather Fae Calla, Jorge Vicario Guille, Juan Pablo de Lucca, Merey Şenocak, Salome Lubczanski, Samantha Simmons, Selim Elsadek, Simina Oprescuand Vilte Gustyte at 3.Klanglandschaften - A festival in times of climate change, on Sunday 26 June 2022, 2-4pm in Hobrechtsfelde


The project HÖRPARCOURS: „UN-LISTENING / NATURAL LANDSCAPES“ by students of the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program at the UdK Berlin and the Hochschule für Nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde, specializing in landscape use and nature conservation as well as regional development and nature conservation was led by Prof. Daisuke Ishida and Jan Thoben and organized by Elke Moltrecht. A parcours with installations, listening moments and performances. The act of listening becomes a form of questioning perspectives on the present and into the past of the Rieselfelder. 

Klanglandschaften 3




26.6.22 Hobrechtsfelde around the Granary

2-4 pm