5 September 2021 | SoundS @ CLIMATE CARE FESTIVAL 2021

Quelle: Floating

/// Prof. Daisuke Ishida’s seminar “Un-Domesticating the Wild” at CLIMATE CARE FESTIVAL 2021 at Floating ///


CLIMATE CARE FESTIVAL 2021 - The Rewilding Years

September 3-12, 2021

Un-Domesticating the Wild installations and performances

by andyvazul, Diana Barbé, Vilte Gustyte, Ben Glas, Mitchell Keaney, Anna Fainareti Lioka, Hyewon Suk and Menghan Wang

on Sun, 5 Sept 2021, 20:00-24:00


How can the natural elements become an agent of auditory landscape? Can more-than-human songs be? Students of Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at UdK Berlin investigate, question, analyze and shape auditory cultures and practices. These installations and performances respond to the festival’s theme by engaging with various forms of site-specific sound-based making at the rainwater basin.

Climate Care is a festival engaged with theory and practice at the intersection of climate challenges, ethics of care and environmental humanities. Emerging from weathering the conditions of its site – a rainwater retention basin in Berlin – the programme is a result of in-depth cohabitation with the constructed water infrastructure, its human culture and its multi-species overlays.


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