Anna Phaenarete Lioka



The project explores the relations between human-stones-machine through memory. It aims to question our position in the world as entities, human and non-human, and to suggest and imagine ways to create intertwined worlds. What memory can be, from the perspective of a stone? How can we reflect on each other's memories, human and non human? We exist within this world with others, humans and non humans. Nevertheless our existence is predominant in relation to objects, we act on them constantly rather than them acting on us. They behave based on our actions. This is putting us in the center of things and everything exists through our scope. Taking this view on this, creates boundaries between us, hierarchies in existence that create distinctions. Thus the question is how can we instead create relations with them, in a way that we equally existing with, dying with, thinking with? Shifting the focus of attention from humans and coexisting in a symbiotic relation.

Opening times

8 June 4 – 11 pm

9 June 2 – 6 pm

10 June 2 – 10 pm

11 June closed

12 June 2 – 6 pm


Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Dorotheenstrasse 12

10117 Berlin