Davide Luciani

The Order Room (2023)


Petroleum wax, motor, vaseline, silicone hoses, fabric, steel, peristaltic pumps, petroleum oil, transducers, bass amplifier, speakers, lights.

In "The Order Room", Luciani crafts a series of disparate sculptural elements, hinting at a vitality that lies in the intra-action of sounds and objects. Comprised of wax casts punctured by oozing liquids, vaseline, pumps, speakers, and silicone hoses filled with petroleum oil, this piece weaves the semblance of a (non-)functional system of mutually nourishing elements. Hosted in an industrial kitchen fallen into disuse, the site-specific installation intertwines the space’s formal function with a fictive method of production.

Opening times

8 June 4 – 11 pm

9 June 2 – 6 pm

10 June 2 – 10 pm

11 June closed

12 June 2 – 6 pm


Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Dorotheenstrasse 12

10117 Berlin