Hyewon Suk


Generative audiovisual installation

"Perturbation" is a generative audiovisual work that delves into the spatial-temporal characteristics of biological systems, creating a unique relationship between auditory and visual elements. Implementing the concept of perturbation, it generates temporal structures in sound and image that reflect the principles of resistance, adaptation, transformation, and resilience. Utilizing Growing Neural Cellular Automata(GNCA), the project explores a new approach to the co-creative process between humans and machines enabling real-time observation and participation.

Opening times

8 June 4 – 11 pm

9 June 2 – 6 pm

10 June 2 – 10 pm

11 June closed

12 June 2 – 6 pm


Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Dorotheenstrasse 12

10117 Berlin