20 May 2021 | Cedrik Fermont

Quelle: Florian Voggeneder

Thu May 20
Guest: C-drík aka Kirdec aka Cedrik Fermont

Born in Zaire (Congo, DR), Cedrik Fermont aka Kirdec has been involved since the late 1980s in the electronic and experimental music network, including audio works for video, theatre and choreography, essays and lectures. He plays in various projects such as Axiome, Ambre, Tasjiil Moujahed and in duo with Marie Takahashi to name a few and performed or recorded with dozens of artists throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. He runs Syrphe, a platform (label, radio show, concert promoter, etc.) mostly but not exclusively dedicated to electronic and experimental music from Asia and Africa. He wrote several essays such as "An introduction to electroacoustic, noise and experimental music in Asia and Africa" (Kibla/Folio, 2014-2015), "Power through networking: Reshaping the underground electronic and experimental music scenes in East and Southeast Asia" (New Geographies, 2015-2016), "Sound Art in East and Southeast Asia. Historical and Political Considerations" (with Dimitri della Faille, in The Bloomsburry Handbook Of Sound Art/Bloomsburry, 2020). And co-wrote with Dimitri della Faille the book "Not Your World Music: Noise In South East Asia", winner of the 2017 Golden Nica - Prix Ars Electronica in the Digital Music & Sound Art category. syrphe.com

The Aus der Reihe series of artist talks at SoundS, curated by Prof. Daisuke Ishida for the summer semester 2021, explore the diverse field of sound arts practice and introduces students and the community-at-large to a range of international interdisciplinary sound practitioners including artists, curators, critics, and researchers. Primarily for the current MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts students at the UdK, these talks are also open to the general public and students from all other institutions and departments.

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