15 Dec 2021 | Alex Arteaga | Sound in Artistic Research

Quelle: Alex Atreaga

Lecture: Aesthetic Aural Research

This lecture addresses two successive specifications of the concept of artistic research. The first consists in understanding this kind of research as a variety of inquiry realized through aesthetic practices beyond the normativity of the art system. “Aesthetics” here will be outlined in the framework of the enactive approach to cognition basically as a kind of transformative interaction. The second specification proposes a realization of aesthetic research in the aural sphere through the performance of practices of hearing and listening.


Moderator: Sabine Sanio

Dr. Alex Arteaga

Alex Arteaga is an artist researcher who combines and hybridizes aesthetic, phenomenological and enactivist research practices through an inquiry into embodiments, environments and aesthetic cognition. He studied music theory, piano, electronic music, composition and architecture in Barcelona and Berlin and received a PhD in philosophy at the Humboldt University Berlin for his dissertation Sensuous Framing: Fundamentals of a Strategy to Realize Conditions of Perception. He was post-doc research fellow at the Collegium for the Advanced Study of Picture Act and Embodiment (Humboldt University Berlin) and one of the principal investigators in the research project Visual and Auditory Perceptual Apparatus for the Evaluation of City Development in Agglomerations (Zurich University of the Arts). He has been visiting professor in different universities such as the University of the Arts Helsinki and the Berlin University of the Arts, curator of the Research Venter at a.pass (Brussels), senior researcher at KASK School of Art HOGENT in the framework of the research project Distraction as Discipline and member of the editorial board of the Journal for Artistic Research. Alex Arteaga develops long-term artistic research projects such as Architecture of Embodiment (www.architecture-embodiment. org) or Contingent Agencies (www.contingentagencies.net). 

Sound in Artistic Research

In the winter semester 2021/22, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts presents a lecture series exploring sound in artistic research. The genome of the master program implies an understanding that theory and practice mutually inform each other and represent two sides of the same coin. We’d like to invite you to join this lecture series and explore the different perspectives on the topic of artistic research as an encouragement to reflect on your own positioning.

Artistic research, aesthetic research, and practice-based research have gained a lot of momentum at art schools and universities in the past few decades. Focusing on alternatives to established methodologies and paradigms based on evidence, historical and political analysis, musicology, critical thinking, and cultural studies, this lecture series addresses how artistic research has been established in sound studies and in the sonic arts.


Primarily for the current MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts students at the UdK, these talks are also open to the general public and students from all other institutions and departments.

Wedensdays | 18:00 – 20:00 p.m. | online

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