Lietzenburger Str 45

10789 Berlin

Room 103

The time of the event will be confirmed soon.


Diana Fonseca | Domestic Affairs

Domestic Affairs is a performance inspired by pleasant sonic mistakes, feed by the ordinary actions in simple life. A commitment with indiscriminate re-signification of household commodities. The improvisation of a soundtrack that lies in every common gadget.


About the artist:
Diana Fonseca is Mexican sound artist based in Berlin. Working with sound textures in foleys and audio design for cinema during the last ten years. A hungry listener in constant hunt of unintelligible sounds. Amateur of the eerie atmospheres created by metallic materials. Her work tries to explore the realm of common reality with contrasting angles, listening to human and non-human sonic phenomena. Her performances and installations are conceived as curious listener apparatus. Nurtured by the peculiarities of the immediate objects, artificial structures, slices of vernacular history and the echolocation of the entities that inhabit determined spaces, in order to erect emanating, site-specific shapes.



Hayden Dean | The World Doesn’t Want To Be Caught

The performance of The World Doesn’t Want To Be Caught sees the transition and translation of the installation into the performance space and continues in conveying the experience of a short event; the momentary and fleeting thoughts with more slow and carefully worded accounts. A viewpoint from just after the moment; another from even further outside.


About the artist:
Hayden is a UK born artist and composer based in Berlin and Helsinki whose practice revolves around installation and performative sonic art. Their work often centers on inner experience, language and reduction of hierarchies within sound and other materials. A background in experimental music has led to recent works that focus on the visual influence on expectation as well as the multiple interplays between artist, performer and audience.