Potsdamer Straße 161
10783 Berlin


Vernissage | 11 Mar 2022 | 6:00 – 10:00 pm
Other daily opening times | 2:00 – 10:00 pm


FRONTRUNNER is an art-object book in format and open diary in content. Compiling photographs, conversation transcripts and writings, it documents the intimate and the ordinary from the author’s quotidian in the past years. The book is accompanied by an interactive soundscape bearing collages, field recordings and compositional moments converging in ambience that both serves as a backdrop for the viewing experience as well as provides hints to further interpretation. The reader/listener can choose from different audio samples to match the chapters, transposing the tone of the narrative. Sometimes words and images lead as sound follows. Sometimes the opposite. 

The vernissage will mark the book launch observed by an exhibition showing original prints and audio recordings straight from the source material.  


About the artist:
Victor Yrigoyen (Brasília, 1985) is a visual/sound artist exploring the nuances of the human experience by way of the mundane. Sharing glimpses into his personal space and connections, his work aims to blur the lines between private and public, person and persona. Emerging from a background in visual design, his pieces frequently include mixed-media visual approaches coupled with sonic counterparts. The content has a recurring archival, documentary motif, offering a bare view into one’s world whilst striving to form a connection with its audience through that which may be as simple and plain as it is universal and intangible. The artist is based in Berlin and his open-diary approach absorbs and reflects his surroundings, proposing a deeper look into everyday life and glorification of vapid moments.