(Re)Discovering the City (Intensive Workshop)

Sophia New | Daniel Belasco Rogers
(Re)Discovering the City

Intensive Workshop, English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Thursday-Sunday, 14.6.-17.6.2018, 10-17 h, HybridLab, Villa Bell, Marchstr. 8, 10587 Berlin

Location plan: http://www.hybrid-plattform.org/ueber-uns/hybrid-lab/

In this intensive workshop we will look at the ways in which we can both be inspired by and change our relationship to the city. It is a means of (re)considering and (re)discovering the city you might know well or be in for the first time. We will examine where, in a complex historical metropolis like Berlin, the centre might be and we will explore its edges and the periphery. We will walk, talk, trace, play and develop strategies to see the city anew.
Through set tasks and exercises you will be working in small groups to find modes of being and performing in the city. We will examine some of the techniques and artistic strategies and use psycho-geography, situationism and other modes of urban interventions. Alongside the work in the city, we will contextualize such practices by sharing the other artists' work, which either challenges or shifts one's relationship to the city life; and find inspiration to create other strategies for oneself and others.

Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear and be prepared to be outside for several hours a day (sunscreen and hat if necessary).

This workshop is presented in cooperation with the Berlin Summer University of the Arts. Thus the workshop-group is a mixture of regular students and international participants.

Activity requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credits: continuous and active participation.

Focus: Wahrnehmen, Werkzeuge aneignen, Experimentieren

The British artists Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers have been based in Berlin since 2001 and working together under the name plan b since 2002. Our work crosses the boundaries between visual art, new media, performance, installation and socially engaged practice. It has been shown in festivals, exhibitions, theatres and on the streets of many different cities. We consider what we do to be site specific and relationship specific. Alongside participatory and performative projects we also have developed strategies to share our practice in educational contexts on a number of different courses in Germany and abroad. More information on http://planbperformance.net.