(Re)Discovering the City (Intensive E-Seminar/Workshop)

Sophia New | Daniel Belasco Rogers
(Re)Discovering the City

Intensive E-Seminar/Workshop, English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Video live sessions / 4 days in row: Thursday – Sunday, 10-17 h, 11.-14.6.2020

For (Re)discovering the City in 2020 we will be adapting the workshop to an online course but keeping it as practical as possible. The primary language of the course is English and German is spoken by both workshop leaders. The 4 day intensive workshop looks at the ways in which we can both be inspired by and change our relationship to the city. We will examine artistic strategies such as pyschogeography, Situationism, algorithmic walking and urban intervention. It is a means of (re)considering and (re)discovering a city you may know well or not be so familiar with.
We will be walking, sharing, tracing, playing and developing strategies to see the city anew. Through set tasks, inspiration from other artists and exercises, we will be working to find modes of being and performing in the city. For the 2020 edition we will be offering an online group warm up followed by practical tasks each day and asking participants to collect images, text and feedback so that we can all share. As well as practical tasks, we shall be sharing links to artists and groups working with urban intervention in a wide variety of ways, many of which we will then also practically explore and feed back on.
Please consider that even though this is an online course, we currently plan to set tasks outside and so be prepared to be outside for several hours a day in the Summer (e.g. sunscreen, water and hat if necessary) If possible, participants should be based in Berlin but please get in touch if you wish to participate from other locations and we will consider if it is possible to follow the course from where you are.

Requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credit: regular and active participation.

Ausrichtung der Veranstaltung: politisch, vorwärtsgewandt
Kompetenz/Aktivität der Teilnehmenden: wahrnehmen, artikulieren

Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers have worked under the name plan b since 2002 and made works for festivals in many different cities all over the world, often creating works that are site and context specific. They are interested in how to reflect on the specific situation of that place at that moment in time, be that of under the effects of depopulation, urban development, financial crisis, changing demographic, transforming landscape or contagious virus restrictions. They will introduce their own work at the start of the course. http://planbperformance.net.