A place to call home (Blockseminar/Workshop)

Carla Åhlander
A place to call home

Blockseminar/Workshop, Deutsch/English, 2 SWS, 2 LP
Saturday/Sunday, 10-18 h, 19./20.11. and 26./27.11.2016, Hardenbergstr. 33, room 110

This seminar will involve practical photo work as well as photo analysis and theory. The individual students will work as documentary photographers in the field and together the group will function as a collective editor of the work being created.
The place to be documented will be chosen by the group on the first meeting. Assignments will be given within the main project, developed and discussed within the whole group.
The seminar deals with issues like subjectivity and objectivity and gives the student training in looking at, reading and talking about photographs.
Is it possible to express something authentic with photographs, in the midst of the contemporary flood of images, where we find ourselves? On this matter there will be texts and exercises.
Consciousness will be raised of what documentation can be and how the meaning of a photograph is created.
At the end of the seminar there will be a presentation of the work. Because of the pace of the course, students must work digitally and bring their own camera or phone camera. No photographic experience is needed.

Activity requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credits: Continuous presence and active participation. Each student will need a digital camera.

Carla Åhlander mainly works with photography and uses the media as a tool to present everyday life as miniature events and structures in panoramic land- or cityscapes. The immediate situations Åhlander is attracted to and documents in her photographs are rather subtle appearances of power relations and systems of order – in all shades and from the vocabulary of everyday life – situations where something is about to happen or could happen, taken from a multiple of contexts, often with no beginning or end in narrative terms. Recent solo presentations include “Noteringar: tillstånd, plaster”, Fotogalleriet Format, Malmö, (2014) and the public billboard piece “Perspektiven” (2013) for nGbK, Berlin, installed in the subway station Schwartzkopffstraße. She has participated in Police the Police, Biennial for Young Art i in Bucharest (2010), Touched, Liverpool Biennial (2010), Immortality, TENT - Center for Visual Arts, Rotterdam (2009). More information on www.carlaahlander.com.