compress, range, control, dynamic, expand (Blockseminar/Workshop)

Boris Hauf
compress, range, control, dynamic, expand

Blockseminar/Workshop, Deutsch/English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Saturday/Sunday, 20./21.1. and 27./28.1.2018, 10-18 h,
HybridLab, Villa Bell, Marchstr. 8, 10587 Berlin

Wegbeschreibung ist hier (runter scrollen):

A dynamic range is the ratio between the largest and the smallest value of a changeable quantity. Various fields have different understandings of range: a mountain range, a geographical area, the distance an aircraft can fly, the range of a projectile, a selection of numbers in mathematics, the luminescent range a camera can capture, the opacity range of developed film, the set of allowed values for a variable. In audio engineering dynamic range is defined as the difference of an audio signal's softest and loudest event. Hardware units and software called compressors are used to control and/or manipulate this difference. Various parameters are at our disposal to achieve this control. In this seminar we explore how fundamental techniques of audio compression can be applied as a generative composition tool, opening both utilitarian and fictional possibilities. We practice defining imaginary ranges and dynamic parameters in the students own work and investigate how the idea of “controlling the dynamic range” can be applied to these defined areas.

Voraussetzung: This is NOT an audio engineering seminar and is explicitly open to ALL STUDENTS of all UdK faculties. Musical or audio engineering knowledge is NOT required / musikalische Vorkenntnisse sind NICHT erforderlich.

Leistungsanforderungen für den unbenoteten Studium-Generale-Schein: regelmäßige und engagierte Anwesenheit.

Boris Hauf is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, curator, producer and performer. He plays saxophone, flute, synths, organ, computer, percussion, guitar and sings. He composes for ensembles, film, radio, soloists, choreographers, video installation and performance art and has released roughly 50 records. He curates festivals and concert series in Chicago and Berlin and lectures at the UdK Berlin. Current bands are Owl & Mack, Postmarks, Next Delusion and The Peeled Eye. Hauf tours and performs worldwide. He runs and owns the record label shameless. More information on