Time Apparatus

Luiz Zanotello
Time Apparatus
Analog Seminar, English, 4 SWS, 4 ECTS, 5 Plätze
Thurdays, 10-14 Uhr, weekly

Register until 21.10.2021 via email, stating your name, study course and if available, a link to your work: luiz.zanotello@udk-berlin.de

Time as distance, as construct, as process, as matter, as memory. Time as apparatus, as dispositif, as assemblage. In the contemporary space - a space of acceleration and uncertainty - an ice core holding the Earth's archive turns into water drops vis-à-vis to the clicks and bits that an A.I. relentlessly stratify into corporative history. Systems of previously distinct categories collide into an ever-flowing complex dimension, frequently transversing organic and inorganic matters; whereas new media is desperately needed to escape such simultaneous complexity that both renders and imprisons Time inside the abyss of black-boxed fun. What material conditions of media could be enacted to render Time, again, as a space of possibility? In this semester we will explore a post-humanistic dimension of Time, by means of hands-on
experiments/prototyping through new media and active reading, writing and discussions on selected texts from Barad, Bergson, Braidotti, Han, among others.

Leistungsanforderungen: regelmäßige, aktive Teilnahme, Entwicklung von Prototypen/Experimenten.

Luiz Zanotello (1986 Jundiaí, BR) is an artist, researcher and educator living and working in Berlin. His work occurs within new media art and time-based media, often dealing with themes such as uncertainty, poetics and speculation within techno-material narratives of the contemporary condition. In the past he has exhibited and given talks at festivals, galleries and institutions worldwide, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (HR), Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro (BR) and the Fiber Festival in Amsterdam (NL); as well as worked with multiple studios within the design and technology sectors. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Digital Media from the University of the Arts Bremen, and he is currently an Assistant Professor for New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), a guest lecturer at the University of the Arts Bremen (DE) and a PhD Candidate at Leiden University (NL).