Projekt #10: The Map is not the Territory

The Map is not the Territory
Dr. Michael Fowler & Dr. Anne Kurr (Hybrid Lab TU Berlin & UdK Berlin)
English/Deutsch, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Beginn: 8.1.2024, 10 Uhr, Hybrid Lab, Villa Bell, Marchstraße 6-8, 10587 Berlin

In 1931, mathematician Alfred Koryzbski introduced the idea that „the map is not the territory.“ That is to say that any graphic nomenclature or indeed any lower-dimensional medial representation of an object in the real world only „stands in“ for that object as an „abstraction.“ Mapping as a technique for transmediating, or representing the qualities of an object in one media through another media, is found throughout science, the arts and music.
Thus, we propose not only collisions with various knowledge practices in our quest to map things or phenomena in the world, but similarly, to usurp techniques from these practices as artistic and creative instruments in and of themselves. During the project week we will introduce various techniques, tools, and technologies for mapping multi-modal phenomena in the world, while encouraging participants to start developing and implementing their own language(s).
Our goal is to better understand the process of transmediation as a catalyst for artistic and scientific practice, and by working between disciplines, to explore the perceptual limits of the map while not discarding the territory.


Michael Fowler, Doctor of Musical Arts (CCM, University of Cincinnati); Post-Docs am Spatial Information Architecture Lab (RMIT University) und Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation (TU Berlin).
Anne Kurr

arbeitet ebenso wie Michael Fowler als Koordinatorin der Hyybrid Plattform:

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Quelle: John Cage: Variations III