I and You

Prof. Dr. Daniel Hromada & Zihern Lee
and You
Seminar, English/Deutsch, 1 SWS, 2 ECTS (incl. regular readings and audio project)
Thursdays, 10-12 h, bi-weekly: 18.4., 2.5., 16.5., 30.5, 13.6, 27.6, 11.7.2024, Grunewaldstraße, room 110

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The course is an exploration of Martin Buber's influential text "Ich und Du" ("I and Thou"). This course will use Buber's work and personal narrative as a central theme to engage students in various forms of dialogues, from one-on-one to multi-party discussions.
Buber's philosophical text delves into the intricate relationship between individuals and a personalized God, presenting a framework for understanding the deep connections that form in human interactions. This course will utilize these concepts as a starting point for broader discussions.

The course aims to transcend the metaphysical aspects of Buber's work to address more immediate, real-world issues. Key among these will be the exploration of the relationships and dialogues between Judaism and Christianity, as well as the complex political and cultural dynamics between Israel and Palestine. The topic of possibility of emergence of "I" within an Artificial Intelligence will also be discussed.

Through this course, students will not only gain an understanding of Buber's philosophy but also develop the skills to engage in meaningful and critical dialogues about pressing contemporary issues. The course will encourage students to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives, fostering a learning environment where diverse viewpoints are examined and respected.

Prerequisites for Participation: Ability to pay attention and listen to the Other.

Requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credit points: Regular and activeattendance, weekly reading is required and controlled. Contribution to and/or collaboration on the creation of "I and You" multilingual/multivoice & multigender dataset is part of the seminar work.

Daniel Devatman Hromada is since August 2018 UdK’s Juniorprofessor for Digital Education at Einstein Center Digital Future. Born in 1982 in Bratislava, he holds bachelor degrees in humanities from Charles University (Prague) and linguistics from University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis; master degree in artificial and natural cognition from Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Paris). In 2016, a successful defense of his Thesis “Evolutionary modelis of ontogeny of linguistic categories”, entitled Daniel to carry a double doctorate from both Slovak Technical University (cybernetics) as well as University Paris 8 – Lumieres (psychology). Father of two children, he is a founder and first senator of oldest Slovak digital community kyberia.sk.

Zihern Lee is a thinker, artist, and educator. With a background in composition and philosophy from Ewha Womans University, composition at Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and media art at the Berlin University of the Arts. She approaches the world the lenses of phenomenology, post-Heidegger, and post-Confucianism, exploring the digital phenomenon where natural laws, pleasure, and cultural ethics coexist with new technology. She has presented her artistic works at prestigious venues such as Konzerthaus Berlin and CTM festival/Transmediale. Currently, she works as a scientific assistant at ECDF UdK for digital education, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Daniel D. Hromada.