Planetary Embodiment: Glossary & Recipe Book

Luïza Luz
Planetary Embodiment: Glossary & Recipe Book

Block seminar, English/Deutsch, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Wednesdays, 10-13h, weekly from 19.4. (info session / introductory session) until 31.5.2023, Einsteinufer 43-52, room 203

Registration on Moodle starts on the 17th of April / Anmeldung auf Moodle beginnt am 17.4.2023:
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"Planetary Embodiment” is an ongoing Seminar and research group born in the Winter Semester of 2021 at UdK. Since then we've been co-creating experimental learning ecosystems and exhibitions. Our studies reflect the challenges and urgencies of the Planetary and seek to foster artistic, cultural, and embodied practices that engage with the revision of narratives, and imbalanced power relations between humans, and more than humans. Together we cultivate the perception of Planet Earth as a living entity and believe in the importance of recovering the ancestral knowledge of its ecological systems to envision a liveable world for all.

In 2021 we studied intersectional environmentalism with guests such as Denilson Baniwa, and Maya Quilolo. In the summer of 2022, we deepened our studies on the topic of privilege and dreams by rooting the climate and humanitarian crisis in colonial history and understanding dreams as allies inspired by Ailton Krenak, Hooops Garden, Boiling Room, and INTERSPACE collective. Since Winter 2023, our research has been redirected to processes of decay and transformation in language and narratives with gal sherizly, Andrea Galano, and See. Since then we started to compose our first publication reflecting on the conceptual and practical meanings of the "Planetary".

The proposal for Summer 2023 is to work on the content for this publication in the format of a glossary and compilation of these past years. We’ll exchange the multiple worldviews participating in the co-creation of this knowledge while questioning how concepts and narratives transform our perception of ourselves, the world, and our artistic practices. The production methods will be discussed with students, always prioritizing environmentally friendly options and resources. The copies will be strategically distributed to initiatives and public institutions that can benefit from the content.

How: the sessions will be conducted from and within the awareness of our individual and collective bodies, emotions, and thoughts. In this ecosystem, knowledge and care are practiced as indistinguishable, and the classroom is an intimate space - cultivated in togetherness. While we address structural issues on macro-political scales, we also reclaim our responsibility and autonomy. The meeting will be both theoretical, and practical.
During the program, we’ll have guests to co-create this ecosystem.

Requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credits: Active participation, attendance in the classes, and engagement with the topic.

Luïza Luz is a transdisciplinary artist, educator, and composer experimenting with non conventional ways of learning, and sharing emancipatory knowledge. In the past years, they have been an active member of university politics, having coordinated the department for Sustainability and Climate Justice at the Berlin University of Arts, and many other relevant events on similar topics. In their path, Luïza Luz has already many years of professional practice, and has been working with relevant institutions doing exhibitions, lectures, and commissioned performances, besides curating events that promote critical thinking.