FKK – Team building for a multidisciplinary platform

FKK – Team building for a multidisciplinary platform
by Jean-Philippe Hoffmann & Team

Student initiative, English/Deutsch, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Thursdays, 17-19:30 h, weekly, starts 2.5.2024, FKK (Wühlischstraße 56, 10245 Berlin)

Registration on Moodle starts 15.04.2024:
Moodle Enrollment Key / Einschreibeschlüssel: kommando

Our ‘Fakultätsübergreifendes Kooperationskommando’ - short fkk is an extension of the eponymous link-up space in Friedrichshain and represents the idea of fostering formats of collaboration within the university’s milieu. Both organisations pursue ambitions alike: encouraging youthful undertakings in the realms of art and design by bridging yet unconnected faculties of UdK and related art institutions in Berlin.

Together with students of divergent fields, we’ll build a team committed to work towards a joint mission while emphasising the climate within the space we create. The target in this second edition of our seminar is to continuously strengthen a growing team by thoughtfully discussing particular work methods throughout exchange¹, conception² and production³ phases.

This season, our team is operating towards our annual Runway project in June & two link-up dates in May and July.

Throughout the three complementary phases manoeuvring this weekly Studium Generale seminar,
¹ we’ll host skill-sharing sessions & link-up dates at the space,
² conceive scenographic components at the university’s Werkstätte,
³ and work towards our final multidisciplinary project

You’ll be able to join our team in the first few weeks, and you can keep tabs on our doings via
There is no prior practice required!

Requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credit points: Active participation for collaborative production in both preparation and implementation phases.

The sessions are co-hosted by Max Havé (Architecture, ULB) who’s in charge of our workshop productions, and Pit Bruck (Visual Communication, HMKW) examining variant exchange methods.
Contentwise, our projects are guided by inhouse curators Pauline Luca Wunderlich (Transmediale Gestaltung, UdK) and Rúslana Popelniuk (Bildende Kunst, UdK).
The ‘fkk‘ student platform is initiated by Jean-Philippe Hoffmann (Architecture, UdK).