Projekt #9: Joy

Arantxa Martínez & Prof. Daniel Belasco Rogers (Studium Generale & Kunst/Performance)
English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Start: 2.1.2023, 11 Uhr, Karlsruher Straße 7 A in 10711 Berlin, Hinterhof Links, 2. OG, Studio P3
Topics: Joy, Politics, Body, Movement

Self-Enrolment key: joynus
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Joy is not just frivolous, it isn't just about having fun, it has a revolutionary energy that can power transformative action. Let's spend the first week of 2023 exploring that!
In this workshop, artist, performer, guest professor at Studium Generale Daniel Belasco Rogers and choreographer, dancer Arantxa Martínez will hold space to explore the "revolutionary power of joy" in the depths of Winter.
We will spend the week seeking joy in the things we have to do, the things we need to do and ask ourselves what joy is, where we might find it, where we might feel it and what its radical, transformative power might be in our political, social, work and private lives.

Our approach will be practical, physical as well as reflective. Together with you the participants, we will explore a radically broad range of fields to find joy including but not limited to: movement, taiji, voice work, kundalini, breath work, dance, walking meditation, drawing, the writings of Audrey Lorde, Adrienne Maree Brown, sparkling lights, tinkling sounds and delicious smells.

Arantxa Martínez is an artist, dancer and performer whose work focuses on the processes of identification, exchange and dependence between the body and its environment and questions performativity in relation to these processes.
Based in Berlin since 2003, her artistic activity encompasses a wide range of aesthetics, methodologies and contents thanks to her sustained collaboration with other artists such as Kate McIntosh, Sabine Zahn, Juan Domínguez, Miriam Jakob, Paz Rojo, Eszter Salamon, Thiago Granato, Nilo Gallego, Antonia Baehr, María Jerez, Lola Rubio. ... with whom she creates practices, pieces and research that extend and are crossed by the urban space, the theatre, the cabaret, the screen, and, more recently, the mountain.     

Daniel Belasco Rogers is one half of the performance duo plan b with his partner Sophia New. plan b's work encompasses performance, installation, participatory situations, audio, new media and fine art. They have a lifelong project of recording everywhere they go with GPS. Daniel also regularly collaborates with the choreographer Sabine Zahn and She She Pop. He is currently a guest professor on Studium Generale at the University of the Arts Berlin.  

Quelle: Kollisionen 2023
Quelle: Kollisionen 2023
Quelle: Kollisionen 2023