Planetary Embodiment and the Privilege of Dreaming

Luïza Luz
Planetary Embodiment and the Privilege of Dreaming

Autonomous Tutorial, English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS
Wednesdays, 16-19 h, weekly, 6 dates: starts 11.5., 18.5., 25.5., 1.6., 15.6., 29.6.2022 plus a public intervention (date tba), Hardenbergstr. 33, room 004

"To avoid environmental disaster we must embrace a new form of dreaming"- Ailton Krenak

We are Planet Earth. An ancient living organism surrounded by ecological, social, and psychological emergencies. These challenges were once imagined by Western Modernity dreams and delusions of separation, in which the Politics of Human failed to meet The Politics of Nature. Humanity failed in believing that we are something different than Planet Earth itself. It’s time to dream of our roots on Earth and flourish our entanglements.

In this second edition of Planetary Embodiment, the studies initiated in the Winter Semester will be combined with a collective experiment called "The Privilege of Dreaming": a mobile installation, learning platform, and exhibition space that embraces the challenges of continuing to dream in a wicked world, by acknowledging structural inequalities and sharing resources.
In this project, privilege is approached in relation to colonialism and ecocide. In turn, to dream is a tool to envision possible ways of coexisting. How can students living in Europe use their privilege of dreaming in a collapsing world to support other students, communities, and environments? How can individuals of the same geopolitical context understand and relate consciously to different layers of local privilege - between humans & non-humans? What are the roles of art, pedagogy, and science in these matters?
The Seminar will begin at UdK Berlin, and gradually move to the public spaces of the city of Berlin.

Prerequisites for participation: 1) To be interested in working collectively and thinking critically; 2) To buy the book "Ideas to Postpone the End of the World" by Ailton Krenak.

Requirements for the ungraded Studium Generale credits: Active participation and engagement.

Luïza Luz (she/they) is a transdisciplinary artist addressing the binary nature-culture in language, identity, and institutions. Their poetics evolve from written and vocal words, that become images, lectures, sound performances, installations, and collaborative (un)learning sites. They graduated in Visual Arts (2017) and also studied with Indigenous authors as Ailton Krenak and was awarded a scholarship by the Ecologist Fritjof Capra. In 2017 they published the book “T(t)ERRA: Artistic Pedagogical Approaches for The Cultivation of Ecological Cultures”. Luïza Luz is now an MA student at UdK - Universität der Künste, Berlin, at the Art in Context Institut, where they also coordinate the AStA department for Sustainability and Climate Justice. In 2021 they presented the lecture performance "A Grounding Piece of Land" at the Floating University, "After Nature Soundscape" at Kommunale Galerien, and won an award by Akademie der Künste for their new project "The Privilege of Dreaming". They also integrate the Wanwu Council 萬物社 initiated by the artist Zheng Bo at Gropius Bau, Berlin. More information on