When Is the Digital in Architecture?

Lars Spuybroek, H2Oexpo, screen capture. This is a digital publication edited by Greg Lynn and produced by the CCA in 2015

 Quelle: © CCA

Discussion, room 310, Hardenbergstraße 33, Universität der Künste Berlin, 13 June, 7 pm

Join us in Berlin for a discussion of print and digital books about the digital, with Nathalie Bredella, Orit Halpern, Norbert Palz, Albert Ferré (Associate Director, CCA Publications), and Andrew Goodhouse (Editor, CCA Publications).

When is the digital in architecture? What are the conditions that led architects to integrate digital tools into their practices? Over the course of the Archaeology of the Digital research program, the CCA has collected the archival records of twenty-five projects, and has been publishing a series of digital publications that address each of these projects. This evening, we’ll have a look at the epubs produced for Lars Spuybroek’s H2Oexpo and for François Roche’s Water Flux.

Nathalie Bredella (Visiting Professor of Architectural History, Universität der Künste Berlin) will discuss her research into the Lars Spuybroek fonds at the CCA, and Norbert Palz (Chair for Digital and Experimental Design, Universität der Künste Berlin) will contextualize the conversation on Spuybroek’s projects.

Orit Halpern (Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Concordia University, Montreal) will close the event with a presentation that draws from her contribution to When Is the Digital in Architecture?, a new print book published by the CCA and Sternberg Press.