Dr. Thomas MacMillan

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Dr. Thomas MacMillan

Sprechzeiten: n. V.
E-Mail: t.macmillan[at]udk-berlin.de


Thomas MacMillan attained his bachelor and master’s degrees in music (with a major focus on composition) at Newcastle University in England between the years 2009-2014. His compositions were performed by the orchestral group Royal Northern Sinfonia at The Sage Gateshead, and he was awarded the Helen Ferriby Prize in 2011 for outstanding performance, as well as the Sager Family Award for Working Musicians in 2013 (a scholarship funded by Newcastle-born musician Sting). In 2019, under the supervision of professors Dr. Dörte Schmidt and Dr. Signe Rotter-Broman, he began his PhD in Musicology at the UdK Berlin, entitled “I Might Be Wrong: Modal Fluctuations in the Music of Radiohead”, which was subsequently completed in June 2022. As well as teaching the seminar “Music Optimised for Abandoned Malls: Understanding Vaporwave”, Thomas works as research assistant at the State Institute for Music Research (SIM) in Berlin, while also performing with his Berlin-based rock band, Carnivalesque.

Research interests

  • Scales and modes in contemporary popular music
  • Pop and rock music praxis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Cultural theory
  • Internet-based musical trends and aesthetics (Vaporwave, Lofi Hiphop, Weirdcore, Dreamcore, etc.)

Performed works

  • A Touch of the Blues (for solo cello). Performed by Jonathan Bloxham at The Sage Gateshead, 30.5.2014
  • Revolutionary Birdsong from the Land of the Ever-Same (for flute and string ensemble), performed by the Royal Northern Sinfonia in the King's Hall, Newcastle University, 15.2.2014
  • A Thousand Plateaus (for wind ensemble), performed by Northern Sinfonia at The Sage Gateshead, 8.10.2013 and 8.2.2014
  • Felton Lonnen (traditional folk song arrangement for female choir) performed by Femme Chorale at The Discovery Museum, Newcastle, 22.6.2013
  • Lydian SHOUT (semi-improvisational piece for 4 or more musicians). Performed by Anne-Marie Rosa (flute), Daniel Rose-Jones (recorder), Faye MacCalman (tenor sax), Elaine Cheng (piano), Sean Cotterill (violin), Neil Mcmahon (violin) and Tom MacMillan (guitar) at the ICMuS Summer Music Festival, in the King's Hall, Newcastle University, 13.6.2013