22-26 April 2024 | Workshop: Touchdesigner

Quelle: Sound Studies & Sonic Arts

[AV] Touchdesigner Workshop with Maxime Lethelier

When: 22-26 April 2024, 11:00 - 17:00h

Where: Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, Lietzenburger Straße 45, Room 314

Registration for UdK-students: inkuele_ @intra.udk-berlin.de (Please also state your course of study, your motivation for wanting to join and your expectations of this workshop)


Touchdesigner is a node based programming software enabling its users to easily create real time visuals and manage data, while offering extended possibilities through python programming. The workshop will focus at first on how to start working with Touchdesigner, and then on different ways to integrate it in sonic arts workflow and creating immersive environments. This workshop is for beginners. 


1 - Discovering the interface
2 - First steps creating live visuals (simple animations, interactive playback, feedback loops)
3 - Exploring different techniques to generate visuals (3D objects)
4 - Exploring different techniques to generate visuals (instancing and parametric visuals)
5 - Building tools for audio interaction and mathematical signal treatment (audio)
6 - Textures as information (UV maps, pointclouds...), and introduction to scripting
7 - Preparing the patch for presentation: UI, perform mode, video projection


Maxime Lethelier

Maxime Lethelier is a french media artist. He graduated a Master in Fine Arts and new medias, majoring in stage design, in 2008. He develops his works in different fields as interactive installations or augmented stage design for theater, but also interactive visuals solutions for music or video content. He collaborated with several theater companies and musicians to create transmedia projects along his career.