OPEN CALL (closed) | Hybrid Bodies - open call for a student-led workshop supported by InKüLe

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Hybrid Bodies

open call for a student-led workshop supported by InKüLe


As we navigate the digital age, we recognize its impact on our relationship with our voices and bodies. Identity becomes fluid, realities overlaying, and the bodies are always in an in-between state. How do our bodies adapt to the evolving narratives of our online/offline presence?

In this open call, we seek passionate students eager to explore and discuss the intersections of voice, body, and digitality with an interdisciplinary student audience. We invite you to propose a workshop topic that you’re interested in or currently researching under the realm of these intersections. Selected proposals will be co-curated with our team, alongside technical support and room organization. The workshop will be open to students from all departments in UdK to attend, providing a space for transdisciplinary exploration and exchange.


Who can apply: 

  • Current students of UdK
  • Freshly graduated Alumni of UdK (Graduated for max. 3 years)


Your proposed workshop could explore a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • The influence of digital platforms on our self-perception and voice identity.
  • Embodiment in the virtual realm: How does our digital presence affect our physical experiences?
  • The impact of technology on the performative aspects of our voice and body.
  • Digital storytelling and its role in shaping our narrative in the virtual space.

We encourage you to think beyond these suggestions and bring your unique perspective. 


Submission Guidelines:

  • Proposals should be submitted by 31.Jan.2024.
  • Include a brief abstract outlining the workshop's objectives, key themes, and proposed activities.
  • Highlight any technical requirements, there will be an experienced team for consultation/support once selected.
  • A hybrid format (streamed or allowing participants to join online) is highly recommended, this can also be developed further together with InKüLe
  • Workshop duration: 2-5 hours
  • Target participants: 10-15 UdK students from all departments
  • Language: English and/or German
  • The workshop will be taking place between Feb. -  Mar. 2024, the exact date and place are to be discussed with our team
  • Once selected, 2 -3 meetings with the InKüLe Team to finalize the concept and format.


What we provide:

  • Format consultation
  • Artist fee of ~ 300 euro
  • Technologies and Media, technical support
  • Room organization and workshop announcement


We look forward to receiving your proposals and working together. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Submission closed.