InKüLe:sessions_vr / Rundgang 2023

Rundgang Poster InKüLe 2023

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Visit us on Saturday, 22nd of july from 14:00 to 18:00 in the garden of HA33

In this year's Rundgang, the InKüLe team sets camp in the garden of Hardenbergstraße! Here aspects of both past and current projects will be presented, bridging the field of experimental media didactics and media technique.

Rundgang visitors can dive into a VR-Chat world that the team is currently developing! Here they can explore a detailed virtual scene, which was created exclusively through VR modelling. In parallel, different VR Avatars await to be experienced, inviting visitors to contemplate aspects of virtual embodiment, movement and social presence.

This project builds on experience gained through 'sessions_vr,' an experimental and process-driven format that the team offered this summer semester, with enthusiastic student feedback and inspiring results!



Cocktails in our bar are exclusively virtual, but we promise to make them exciting!


When? Sat. 22nd of july from 14:00 to 18:00

Where? Garden at UdK Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin