Workshop - Moving Sound

Quelle: Rosa Merk / Ana Lessing Menjibar

Date: October 4 – 7, 2022, 10 – 17 h
Venue: Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT), Studio 11
Registration for UdK-students:  inkuele_ - Please also state your course of study. The workshop is already fully booked. Only waiting list places available.

Moving Sound 

In this workshop, Ana Lessing Menjibar will share her artistic practice that addresses the body as a unique source of sound and rhythm, using technology as an organic extension of the performing body. In this way, technology is part of a choreographic practice, generating, amplifying, and manipulating the sounds that the body inhabits and produces. We will explore our bodies as polyrhythmic instruments, work with contact microphones and discover ways how technology becomes our partner in finding our own language of how sound, the world, enters and exits our bodies. We will think about sound as an immersive experience, extending the ability of sound to act as a performer in body and space. This dialogue, a feedback loop, dissolves the binary where internal becomes external and external becomes internal. 

In the frame of this workshop, Ana Lessing Menjibar will give an inside into her artistic work, presenting her research and performances, but also bringing her way of creating installations and technological setups into the common working space to experiment within it.

Ana Lessing Menjibar is a German-Spanish performer, dancer, choreographer, and multidisciplinary artist, born and based in Berlin. In her performances, she weaves body, sound worlds and language in multimedia installations, which offers her space to examine different physical states from formal to ecstatic for their poetic potential.