Flor Galante

Flor Galante

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The members of Flor Galante have been playing together for more than 5 years, but after this long period they decided to form a stable formation specialized in Galant music. The formation has recieved coachings from Katharina Arfken, Leila Shayegh and Jörg Andreas Bötticher among others.


Lena Rademann, Violine
José Manuel Cuadrado Sánchez, Oboe
Martin Jantzen, Viola da Gamba
Irene González Roldán, Cembalo



1. Runde

Christian Gottfried Krause (1719-1770)
Triosonate d-Moll
Andante - Allegro - Vivace

Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello (1690-1757)
Triosonate c-Moll
Largo - Allegro - Adagio - Allegro

Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708-1763)
Sonate da Camera C-Dur op. 4
Allegro e molte - Allegro - Allegro assai

2. Runde

Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708-1763)
Triosonata fis-Moll

Largo e Cantabile - Allegro non troppo - Allegretto

Johann Gottlieb Graun (1698-1771)
Triosonate c-Moll

Adagio - Allegro moderato - Scherzo 

Giovanni Benedetto Platti (1692-1763)
Triosonate D-Dur

Allegro - Largo - Non tanto presto