The Healing Arts. Encounters in Arts and Medicine

The Healing Arts. Encounters in Arts and Medicine – Ringvorlesung

Lukas Feireiss

Lecture series in English

Prof. Lukas Feireiss
The Healing Arts. Encounters in Arts and Medicine

Lecture series/Einführungsvorlesung, English, 1 SWS, 1 ECTS
Mondays, 18-20 h, bi-weekly, 6 dates: 22.04., 06.05., 27.05., 10.06., 24.06., 08.07.2024 Hardenbergstr. 33, room 158

Note: The lectures Juxtapositions and Healing Arts can be attended parallel (alternately always on Mondays, 6-8 p.m.) and add up to 2 ECTS.

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Over the last two decades, research into the effects of the arts on health and well-being has substantially increased. According to recent reports by the World Health Organization, the arts play a crucial role in preventing ill health, promoting health, and managing and treating illness throughout one’s life. Engaging in artistic and creative practices (such as singing, making music or dancing) or enjoying art passively (such as visiting museums or concerts) can genuinely enhance health and well-being. In light of these findings, Lukas Feireiss has organized a series of discursive encounters at the Berlin University of the Arts in collaboration with the International Society for Arts and Medicine and the network Arts and Medicine at the Charité medical center. The purpose of the series is to bring together practitioners and researchers from the worlds of art and medicine and to extend the positive impact of the arts. The lecture series aims to acknowledge and act upon the growing evidence base, promote arts engagement at the individual, local, and national levels, and support cross-sectoral collaboration.

The lecture series explores various questions across different disciplines and cultures. These include: What exactly are healing arts, and what is the definition of healing? How do we understand health and illness, and what is deemed in need of treatment? How are these questions evaluated and examined in medicine and art? And what is the evidence on the effectiveness of the arts in improving health and well-being? The Healing Arts series aims to break down barriers and create alliances between different fields of study. It is open to everyone, including students of arts, medicine, science, and other disciplines, who are welcome to participate in discussions and learn together across universities.

22.04.24: Prof. Lukas Feireiss (UdK Berlin) - Introduction -- watch
06.05.24: Prof. Dr. med. Katharina Schmitt (Charité) & Rebecca Raue (Ephra)
27.05.24: Prof. Dr. med. Christiane Montag (Charité) & Prof. Dr. phil. Karin Dannecker
10.06.24: Prof. Dr. Joerg Fingerhut (HU Berlin) & Prof. Elisabeth Broermann (TU Berlin)
24.06.24: Dr. med. Amma Yeboah & Prof. Dr. Sabine Koch (Alanus Hochschule) tbc - Online
08.07.24: Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Jalid Sehouli (Charité) & Nnenna Onuoha

Here you find the lecture series with its guests in winter 2023/24!