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Before studying at the UdK Berlin

How do I apply for an exchange semester at the UdK Berlin?

Here you will find information about the application process.

The International Office is your first official point of contact in Berlin. It is - besides the Erasmus coordinator - your contact person for the exchange program in Berlin for all the formalities.


The digital PROJEKTBÖRSE is an event that takes place one time at the beginning of each semester. All courses and design studio projects offered for BA and MA are presented on the website. The project selection is available for one day.

The registration for the courses and design studio is required on Moodle via the OASE login data (OASE login name without the addition "" and password). Only exchange students and students without a UdK email address will receive a direct contact option.

Don't worry, this process will be explained again and if you have any issues, you can get in touch with us.

Important: You should definitely attend the PROJEKTBÖRSE!

When do I get my OASE data (Moodle Log In data) and the semester ticket?

Student ID (incl. semester ticket) and OASE letter will be sent together to the address given at the time of application. We highly recommend that you inform us of your Berlin address as soon as possible so that the documents reach you in time. If you have not received the letter, please contact your contact person at the International Office.

Where can I find the courses offered by the UdK Berlin?

At the PROJEKTBÖRSE (as described above) you will find detailed information about the courses. There you can also choose your design studio.

You can also find the courses online in VORLESUNGSVERZEICHNIS (course catalogue) of the UdK (tab: Meine Funktionen/Veranstaltungen/Vorlesungsverzeichnis/Veranstaltungen der Fakultät Gestaltung/Architektur). In this catalogue you will find courses of the Architecture Department.

All relevant information about the architecture program you will find at here.

Important: Your selection of the modules should be orientated towards the Learning Agreement. The recognition of credit points must then be agreed on through the coordination of the study programme.

You can find the offer of the Studium Generales here (My functions/Curriculum/Studium Generale "Diversity in Dialogue")

IMPORTANT: You should attend the PROJEKTBÖRSE!

How do I enrol in the courses offered at the UdK Berlin?

You choose your design studio on the day of the PROJEKTBÖRSE (see above). For other courses and seminars, please register on Moodle, VDL, on notice boards or via email. The professors explain the registration of their courses in the PROJEKTBÖRSE.

Contrary to the system at many other universities, there is NO CENTRAL REGISTRATION of courses for exchange students at the UdK Berlin. For this reason, neither the International Office nor the Registration Office (IPA) has information on which courses you have taken while on exchange here. If you have any doubts or questions, please get in touch with us.

Do I have to speak German if I want to study at the UdK?

Regardless of whether you need it to be accepted into a course or not: if you speak German you will generally find life in Berlin easier. While many people speak English, knowledge of German helps you to feel more comfortable and settle in quicker.

The majority of courses are hold in German (e.g. technical subjects), project-related courses are basically possible in English (e.g. design courses) and in humanities courses the contents are usually presented in German and the discussion can take place in English. The language of instruction depends on the professors.

Does the UdK Berlin offer a German course?

The UdK Berlin offers German language classes at beginner level to its exchange students. Here you can find information about this course and more possibilities.

When should I arrive in Berlin?

You should arrive in Berlin at the very latest shortly before the orientation meeting (in early April in the SS and in early October in the WS).

IMPORTANT: Please do not arrive later than the date of the PROJEKTBÖRSE. The date will be announced in advance.

Can I participate in courses at UdK that are not related to the architecture program?

In general, the exchange agreement is limited to the architecture program. Participation in courses from other programs is possible, but your self-organisation is a requirement. Your exchange coordinator does not organize courses from other departments. Please note that when signing the Record of Courses, your exchange coordinator cannot sign for courses of other programs, except for Studium Generale. Participation in courses offered by other departments is only possible with the agreement of the respective lecturers; admission to courses offered by other departments is generally not possible.