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What is Sound Studies and Sonic Arts?

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts is a low-residency, part-time postgraduate program, that is aimed at professionals with a university degree or exceeding creative talent who work in the field of sound. The program deepens the theoretical and practical skills of audio related theory and practice, particularly within the contexts of cultural studies, musicology, aesthetics, sound art, performance, architecture, design and media production. 

What is the program duration?

The standard duration of study amounts to six semesters and concludes with a degree in Master of Arts. The academic year starts each winter-semester in October.  

In exceptional cases students may apply for a condensed program duration to a two year full time Master's program concluding with a degree in Master of Arts.

What is the program schedule?

The Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master's program consists of alternating study modules (Basic Phase, Focus Phase, Project Phase). The Basic (first Winter) and Focus Phases (first and second Summer) consist of multiple courses for which presence in Berlin is mandatory. During Project Phases (second and third Winter) students may work off campus and on their own time. Each module concludes with an exam. 

See here for a visualization of the program course. 


Can I take classes at other universities in Berlin?

Yes. Due to cooperation between all Berlin universities, students may make use of the extensive curriculum offered by the Berlin University of the Arts and all courses offered by other Berlin Universities to develop their study emphasis. 

What language are classes held in?

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts is an all-English program. Classes are held in English and therefor it is critical that our students have an ease and familiarity with spoken and written English. To show English language competency, all applicants must provide proof of language proficiency. 

However, it is also important to mention that we are an international community, and both the faculty and students speak a variety of languages including German, Japanese, French, and Spanish, just to name a few.

What are the application requirements?

Please visit our application page to see our requirements. 

When can I apply next?

The next possible application period, for the winter term 2024/25 is from February 1 – March 1, 2024. Only during these weeks will you be able to access the application form online and apply for the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program.

How do I apply?

The next possible application period, for the winter term 2024, is from February 1 – March 1, 2024. Only during these weeks will you be able to access the application form online and apply for the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program. 

Please visit our application page to read detailed application instructions. 


What is a VPD and when do I apply for it?

A Preliminary Review Documentation (VPD) is a confirmation issued by a third-party organization, uni assist e.V, stating that your educational certificates (e.g., bachelor's degree) are valid for studying in Germany. This is for applicants holding a degree from a non-German university, both international as well as EU countries (TRACK 2 application type).  

These applicants will first need to translate their university reports to German or English and apply for the VPD at uni assist e.Vprior to the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts application period. Then apply at the UdK, including the VPD as one of the required application documents. 

Please be aware: You are responsible to apply for your VPD early enough to receive it in time for our application period in February. Please calculate at least 8 weeks processing time at uni assist e.V. 

Also see the UdK International Applicants Guide for more detailed information. 


Is there an application fee?

Yes, the UdK charges an application fee of 30 Euros.

How do I pay the application fees?

Applicants are charged a fee of 30 euros for the application procedure including admission to all courses of study at the UdK Berlin.  This fee does not apply to teacher training programs in subjects for which the Senate Administration responsible for educational affairs has defined an urgent need for teachers at public schools. Proof of payment of the fee must be submitted with the application documents. 

Please include a copy of the relevant bank statement with the value date with your formal application documents (in case of transfer from abroad: deposit receipt). Other proofs (like a transfer order) are not accepted. Money paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances, even if the application is withdrawn or rejected. Your application documents will only be admitted to the application and admission procedures when proof is provided that the fee has been paid in full.   


Bank Account: 
Kasse der UdK Berlin 
Berliner Volksbank 
IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46 

Berliner Volksbank eG 
Budapester Straße 35 
10787 Berlin 


Please indicate the following information in your bank transfer: 35/01036, your full name, your applicant's number.  

If transferring money from abroad: Please make sure that your bank transfer includes acceptance of all due costs (OUR – sender pays costs). 

Can I apply online?

Yes, our application procedure is online only! From VPD to application documents, entrance examinations and aptitude test, the whole precess is now online only.

Is there an entrance examination?

Yes. Based on the application documents submitted, the admissions committee will ask selected students to complete a short admissions assignment. This admission assignment tests the applicant’s ability to evaluate sound art discursively and conceptually. It is followed by a personal interview. 

 For further information please visit the application page

How many students are accepted each year?

We welcome around 25 new students each academic year.

Is it possible to earn a Ph.D./ Doctoral degree?

To earn a Doctorate (Promotion) in Sound Studies, students conduct research on their own and present their results in a written thesis and an oral defense. For more information, please visit our Doctoral Studies page.

Is it possible to attend a course as a guest student?

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts does not offer the possibility to attend courses as a guest student. Instead you have the opportunity to take selected courses as an external participant. For this you will need the approval of the course instructor.  

The tuition for external participants is 600€ or 800€ a course, depending on the credit points earned. External participants may also earn a confirmation of participation. 

Is there a tuition?

Yes, since the Master's Sound Studies and Sonic Art is a postgrad program, we charge a tuition. Tuition is 18,800€ (2023*) for the whole three-year Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master's Program, payable in installments. 


In addition to the tuition, there are semester fees of 313,49 € (2022)* in total, which includes a semester ticket for all public transportation within Berlin to be paid to the University.The semester fee goes towards the following expenses: 

-Contribution to the student services (social contribution to the “Studentenwerk”) under the ordinance on social insurance contribution 
-Student body fee (AStA) 
-Re-registration fee in according to § 2(7)of the Berlin Higher Education Law 
-Contribution to the semester ticket and for the social fund 
-Administrative fee of the student body fee for the semester ticket according to Section 18a of the Berlin Higher Education Law (BerlHG).  

  * tuition and fees may be subject to change. 

Is there an Information Day?

Yes! Each fall we offer one or more online information session with various professors and faculty members, where we introduce you to our program, courses, opportunities, faculty and facilities. If you are interested in taking part please write an email to to be informed of the dates as soon as they are determined. 


The next online information sessions will be offered (TBA). 

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts regulations DE

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Sound Studies and Sonic Arts regulations EN

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Sound Studies and Sonic Arts doctoral degree regulations DE

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I have more unanswered questions! What do I do?

We invite you to attend one of our events or to contact us to arrange for a private consultation. 


For questions about administrative issues or content of the program please contact us at  

To make an appointment for a private consultation please contact Katja von Schuttenbach at the office. 
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For questions concerning international students and study abroad, please also see the UdK International Appllicants Guide for more information or contact the Foreign Student Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) 

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