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Application PHASE I: preparation

When applying, please choose an application TRACK 1, TRACK 2, or TRACK 3. Your choice can not be changed at a later point.


In case you hold a degree from a German university (TRACK 1) or do not have a university degree (TRACK 3) you can skip PHASE I and apply directly at Sound Studies and Sonic Arts during our application period in February (PHASE II).

Applicants holding a degree from a non-German university (international and EU)(TRACK 2) please first translate your university reports to German or English and apply for a Preliminary Review Documentation (VPD) at uni assist e.V. Then apply at the UdK.

Please be aware: You are responsible to apply for your VPD early enough to receive it in time for our application period in February. Please calculate at least 6 - 8 weeks processing time at uni assist e.V.

Also see the UdK International Applicants Guide for more detailed information.

Application PHASE II: application

The next possible application period, for the winter term 2022, is from February 1 - March 1, 2022. Only during these weeks will you be able to access the application form online and apply for the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program.



1. Apply online 

Please create an account and apply online via the UdK Online Application Platform. Be aware: the application system can not handle hotmail, outlook or yahoo email addresses - please use different providers. 

After registration at the online platform you will receive an email with your application number and login data. On the platform you can see whether your formal application documents have been received, if any are missing and your current applicant status. We strongly advise to agree to the online application system updates via email (during sign on) to be notified about your application stuatus, problems and decision! Otherwise you will have to sign in regulary to check.


2. Pay the application fee

Applicants are charged a fee of 30 euros for the application procedure including admission to all courses of study at the UdK Berlin.  This fee does not apply to teacher training programs in subjects for which the Senate Administration responsible for educational affairs has defined an urgent need for teachers at public schools. Proof of payment of the fee must be submitted with the application documents.

Please include a copy of the relevant bank statement with  the value date with your formal application documents (in case of transfer from abroad: deposit receipt). Other proofs (like a transfer order) are not accepted.  Money paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances, even if the application is withdrawn or rejected. Your application documents will only be admitted to the application and admission procedures when proof is provided that the fee has been paid in full.  

Bank Account

Kasse der Technischen Universität
Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46

Berliner Volksbank eG
Budapester Straße 35
10787 Berlin

Please indicate the following information in your bank transfer: 35/01036, applicant number, name


If transferring money from abroad: Please make sure that your bank transfer includes acceptance of all due costs (OUR – sender pays costs).


3. Compile the following documents

After submitting the online application you will also need to supply the following documents by post/mail to the address given on the application form. Please send in your printed application form, documents and work samples (dvd, cd, usb, music scores etc.) to our office by the end of the deadline (last date = last arrival date):

  • Printout of completed application form (available online during the application period in February)
  • Bank statement (for transfers from abroad, proof of payment) documenting payment of €30 application fee. This fee can’t be refunded even if applicants withdraw from the application process.
    Details can be found here:
  • uni assist e.V. Preliminary Review Documentation (VPD), (if applicable from phase I)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form (in reverse chronological order: education, professional experience with sound, other professional experience, artistic projects, publications, further information)
  • Proof of linguistic ability
  • Record of professional experience and evidence of relevant professional experience in the field of sound
  • University reports and certificates in photocopy
  • Letter of motivation (max. 1 page A4)
  • Work samples (dvd, cd, usb, music scores etc.; no more than 5 samples with a max. total length of 20 min, ordered by importance, most to least; add the following the information: title, genre, length of project, year of creation, context, your role in the project, relation of chosen sample to whole project) 
  • Applicants from the People’s Republic of China must obtain a certificate from the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in China. Please see the UdK International Applicants Guide for more information.


4. Please send your documents


letters only to:

Universität der Künste Berlin
Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt
Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
Postfach 120544 
10595 Berlin 


When submitting anything bigger than a letter, a portfolio, package or using a private delivery service please or a service that can not deliver to Postboxes, use the following address:

Freight shipping address

Universität der Künste Berlin
Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt
Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
Einsteinufer 43

10587 Berlin


Please be aware, WE WILL IN NO WAY PAY FOR ANY TOLLS. Please make sure your parcel will not be tolled (e.g. no insurance..), otherwise we will have to deny receiving of your parcel.


If you have any questions please write us an email at

Application PHASE III: examination

Based on the submitted application documents, the admissions committee will ask candidates to take part in a one-day entrance examination and interview in May. This examination tests the applicant’s ability to evaluate sound environments discursively and conceptually. It is followed by a personal interview.


(1) Candidates invited to the admission examination will be given a choice of exercise in the areas of art, design (design, architecture) or science (text). One week before the examination prospective students are to turn in title, abstract and all written work to the examination committee in digital form. During the admission interview, candidates are to present their work within 10 minutes.


(2) In case of an aptitude test (TRACK 3 only) the candidates will in addition receive an exercise to proof their capability of authoring a scientific work in the field of sound. This work is to be submitted in digital form one week before the admission exam.


(3) The admission interview will consist of the following aspects:

a)presentation of the submitted work from (1) and subsequent questioning
b) an oral examination in the field of Theory (auditive art and culture), Practice (sound art und auditive design), Listening (basic musical and technical aural skills) and audio technology
c) an interview about the candidates motivation for the study
d) in case of an aptitude test: an interview about the submitted work from (2)


(4) Candidates, who can not be present at the admission exam because they sojourn outside of the EU may carry out the interview via Skype. The candidate should be aware and accepting of risks and disadvantages that may arise due to this.


Notices of admission will be given out shortly after the entrance exam.