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Lecture + Discussion: Raising Awareness

Racism, Racialization, Critical Whiteness - an Introduction

Friday, 11 November 2022, 11am - 1pm
Jazz Institute Berlin, Georg-Neumann-Saal
Workshop led by Dr Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz, Diversity Manager at UdK Berlin
Language: en

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The workshop "Raising Awareness" is an introduction to the subjects of racialisation and critical whiteness. Participants will be brought up to date with the latest research on racism. It will therefore be more of a factual, scientifically based lecture on which we will enter into an exchange with each other and, if necessary, jointly develop strategies for the promotion of diversity, empowerment and intersectional anti-discrimination at UdK Berlin. At the same time, personal reflection in this area is enormously important, and the workshop will provide a few pointers in this direction.

Workshop "Narrative Empowerment - Decolonizing Narratives"

for BIPoC students

Saturday, 12 November 2022, 10am - 4pm
Hardenbergstr. 33, Room 201 (Aula)
Workshop led by Dr Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz, Diversity Manager at UdK Berlin
Language: de/en (as needed)

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"Narrative Empowerment - Decolonizing Narratives" is a creative empowerment workshop for BIPoC students. After a brief introduction to narrative theory and the concept of decoloniality, the participants first tell their own stories in small groups in order to later rewrite them in text or other narrative forms. The new narratives create a basis to discuss the nature of empowerment and its translation into everyday life.

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