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ID card, loan, reminder, loss

Library card / Registration

You need your valid German identity card or passport with German registration confirmation to register. If applicable, please also present your student ID card or proof of employment or proof of your discount certificate. An e-mail address is required for the issue of the library card. Please inform yourself about the opening hours of the registration.

As a rule, all library cards are valid for one year; they also entitle the holder to use the libraries, documentation centres and archives of the Technische Universität Berlin. In order to administrate your account in the UdK “Wissensportal der Künste” (“Mein Konto”/my account), you must enter a password in addition to the number above the barcode on your library card.

Information about your library account password can be found here.

The PIN (only required for the use of the self-issue machines for loan) is the postcode.

If you lose your library card, please communicate this immediately so your account can be blocked to prevent misuse. A new library card costs 5,00 €.

As an UdK Alumna or UdK Alumnus you can continue to use the UdK and TU university libraries free of charge. Please contact the registration desk on the ground floor.

The modalities of use are set down in the "Rahmenbenutzungsordnung"and the "Rahmengebührensatzung".



Use of library resources on site is free of charge for all.
Use of the Internet is only possible with a valid library card.

Please refer to the "Rahmenbenutzungsordnung" and "Rahmengebührensatzung" as outlined below:

The following individuals can obtain a library card free of charge:

  • Members of the UdK Berlin and the TU Berlin as well as members of the Berlin (§ 1 Abs. 2 BerlHG) and Brandenburg (§ 1 Abs. 2 BbgHG) universities and technical colleges (FH).
  • People with disabilities.
  • Registered members of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin alumni programmes. 
  • Lecturers at the TU Berlin and the UdK Berlin.

The following individuals can obtain a library card for a fee:

The following legal entities can obtain a library card free of charge:

  • Legal entities that are mainly financed by public funds.
  • Associated Institutes of the Technical University of Berlin and the Berlin University of the Arts.
  • Institutions that are mainly financed by public funds, upon submission of appropriate documents.
  • Authorities of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg, and federal authorities through the mutual assistance scheme.
    The library card is issued upon written application.

The following legal entities can obtain a library card for a fee:

Self-checking, return and cash machine

In the University library you can borrow books and return them via the self-service machines. If there are any fees, you can pay them at the pay machine.

Loan periods

You can borrow books for 4 weeks and extend them as often as you like until a maximum of 180 days is reached, unless there is a reservation for the book. Audiovisual media can be borrowed for one week (except in the case of special lending restrictions). If there is no reservation, you can extend as often as you like until 28 days are reached. Journals cannot be borrowed. To renew  the loan period of your media online please log in to “Mein Konto” in  the “Wissensportal der Künste” .

To renew  the loan period of your media online please log in to “Mein Konto” in  the “Wissensportal der Künste” .

  • online in the “Wissensportal der Künste” via the link “Mein Konto” (my account).
  • personally or
  • extend by phone.

This is possible at any time, unless a medium is not extendable or pre-ordered. The extension is valid from the current day, not the due date!

Attention! You are also responsible in case that your attempt to renew your media via  „Wissensportal der Künste“ was not successful. In such cases you are obliged to contact the university library by telephone, in person, by e-mail or by fax. Unfortunately, we cannot consider your complaints after the the dunning has been issued.

Dunning frequency / dunning charges

If the loan period is exceeded, the return of the media will be reminded  in written form.

(The first two reminders can be sent by e-mail)


dunning frequency

dunning charge

1st reminder: on the 2nd day after due date

2 EUR per dunned medium

2nd reminder: on the 10th day after due date

5 EUR additional per dunned medium

3rd reminder: 28 days after due date

8 EUR additional per dunned medium