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Funding for scholars and artists from Ukraine

Researchers with a PhD and professional artists from Ukraine (but also politically threatened persons from Belarus or Russia with the same professional profile) who have to leave their country and need support can prospectively be funded through various programs at German universities. Should the UdK Berlin come into question as host institution, please contact us.

If possible, please first identify a potential mentor at the UdK Berlin who will assure you of his/her academic supervision and support. On the websites of the colleges, institutes and study programs of the UdK Berlin, you may find a suitable mentor. In Germany, it is common practice to directly ask the university researchers or artists by letter or email if they are interested in cooperating.

In a second step, together with the mentor, UdK Berlin’s Funding Office will advise you on the respective deadlines and formalities on the way to applying for funding.

Here we provide a bundle of support offers from initiatives. The list will be updated continuously. The UdK Berlin is not responsible for the content of the linked pages.


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for scholars and researchers

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