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Kim Sherin Schönauer

Installationsansicht der Abschlussprüfung, Universität der Künste Berlin, 2022

 source: Lukas Zerrahn

Installed works:

Arrow 1-3, 2021, Plywood panel, MDF, acrylic paint, 118 x 47 x 46 cm.

modified trace, 2021, Variable objects on threaded rod, beech, MDF, variable length, installed: 320-332 cm

domestic sphere "en plateau", 2021, plywood plate, MDF, squared timber, acrylic varnish, wax, steel, 200 x 125 x 88 c, 122 x 50 x 14 cm

Park, 202 continuous series, cut 1, two-channel video installation 3:16min, 2:41min


Kim Schönauer's sculptural (video) works can be understood as autonomous works, but they gain meaning precisely in their co-existence and in the subject of variation. In different ways, the objects play with allusions and memories of functions and yet remain mostly ambiguous.

The jumping scales of the different partial works place the viewers in different  possibilities of perspectives. They explore the installation themselves, but at the same time they also step into the specifically chosen gaze of the camera. Staged in an unnatural appearance, the filmic sequences examine the constructed atmosphere of a nocturnal garden and insert themselves into the environment of the installation.


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