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Milan Dölberg

“Ignoriere das Universum, täusche die Zukunft und vertraue niemals der Ewigkeit.“ Serie aus dem „WoWA“ von 48 Landschaftsbildern, 12 x 25x30cm, 24 x 28x30cm, 12 x 29x30cm, Acryl und Fototransfer auf Leinwand, 2021

 source: Milan Dölberg

“Dürer-Polke-Dölberg Hase“, tätowierter Popo, Teil der Rauminstallation “WoWA”, 2021

 source: Jan Welchering

“72. FEB 2021“ Teil der Rauminstallation „WoWA“, Tischtennisbälle mit Stempeldruck in lackiertem Holzrahmen, 30x40 cm, 2021

 source: Jan Welchering

"StillStand", 20x20cm bis 35x35cm, 27 Vögel und ein Eichhörnchen, ausgestopft und in Folie einvakuumiert, 2021

 source: Jan Welchering


Milan Dölberg's multimedia installation "WoWA" (2021) is based on the pandemic closure of the Art University and all public and private cultural institutions in the course of the 1st Lockdown 2020. The project is also emblematic of Dölberg's examination of his artistic career after completing his studies and the accompanying process of detachment and reorientation in an uncertain working reality.

The caravan as a transformed readymade is at the same time exhibition, work and living space. This connection is underlined by the kinetic lettering "WoWa / MoMA" on top of the caravan. Upon entering, visitors are presented with a holistic spatial experience that blurs the boundaries between mobile home and curious white cube. Food supplies, a minibar, and various work tools can be found coexisting with modified mannequin heads, a lobster on a cross, and stuffed and vacuum-packed birds. Pedantically arranged white coffee cups and framed ping-pong balls stamped with the dates of a seemingly endless February 2021 tell of the monotony of Corona's everyday life. Thus, by means of the works exhibited at "WoWA," Dölberg addresses the connections between everyday life and art production, questions social norms and habits of perception, and explores the possibilities of (self-)location in various dimensions. 

This is exemplified in the multi-part work "Ignore the Universe, Deceive the Future, and Never Trust Eternity." located in the left cabinet and storage room. 48 landscape images, created in the 1st and 2nd Lockdown, show the multi-layered documentation of the environment while traveling with the "WoWA": the constellations above are drawn on the photographed landscapes and the exact coordinates of the locations are written on the frames. The opposite cabinet serves as a showroom where visitors* can hang a selected image. Dölberg's multimedia room installation ends in the sleeping alcove with the immersive video work "The Landscape Painter," which is mounted behind the rear window and the left and right window panes and shows footage from the moving caravan. "WoWA" is a pragmatic attempt to create an independent space of possibility in times of uncertainty and restriction that is in a constant state of flux.

Text: Anna Schanowski


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