Illustration von Begum Rokeyas ‘Sultana’s Dream’

Unsere Stipendiatin Shehzil Malik hat ein Kunstwerk geschaffen, das auf der Novelle Sultana's Dream (1905) von Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain basiert, einer bengalischen Science-Fiction-Kurzgeschichte voller feministischer Utopie.

Die Daily Star Books-Redakteurin Sarah Anjum Bari hat sich mit der Künstlerin in Verbindung gesetzt, um mit ihr über die Beweggründe und Inspirationen für das Kunstwerk zu sprechen.

"Throughout the artwork there are women who are working, studying, cooking, working, reading, and enjoying themselves. It's meant to present a feminist future—one where humanity uses technology to connect to nature, beauty, love and community.

I was inspired by Indian and Persian miniature paintings and their use of space and time. These paintings often show many interactions happening in a single artwork, and take the viewer through multiple perspectives and scales to tell a story. There's no one hero in these paintings, but it gives the viewer the chance to find their own meaning in the artwork. I think combining these pre-colonial methods of artmaking with a story from colonial India—and then drawing the artwork digitally in post-colonial times- it makes me excited to see the possibilities!" Shehzil Malik

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